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Small Moves are BIG!

 May 2017

Whether you are downsizing or relocating in later life, moving to a smaller home can present big challenges.

Smaller Homes

You may not be moving to a “Tiny House”, but you may be seriously considering a change in lifestyle due to shift in your job, health, finances or personal values.  If so, you are part of a growing trend. The National Association of Realtors states that a combination of first time home-buying millennials and baby boomers who are downsizing, means every inch of available space in a new home will count more than ever. To make the best use of space for each resident, design professionals are zeroing in on how clients want to live rather than thinking about how people use space generically. That is good news for home buyers seeking more flexible uses of limited space.

For millennials, the transition to a small space may be a relatively simple one, but for older adults who have spent years upsizing their homes and accumulating personal property to fill those homes, the thought of downsizing may be daunting. Many will discover that the smaller their new home, the bigger their relocation project.

Bigger Projects

The word “moving” conjures up images of half-full boxes scattered throughout rooms in a disorganized fashion; mugs, dishes, and dusty spices pulled from cupboards and stacked on counters; piles of paintings and prints standing against the walls, waiting to be sorted, boxed or crated.

Many people just accept these images as “normal,” and most not only believe, but know, that moving can be time consuming and stressful. Even so, many Americans decide to muddle through the move process on their own, and just hope the whole experience ends quickly. Frequently, they swear they will never do it again.

Caring Transitions® services were designed to eliminate the stress from moving. Customers breathe a sigh of relief and actually enjoy the move process when they work with a resource like Caring Transitions®. One phrase we hear often from our clients is, “I wish I knew about you the last time I moved!” The purpose of our services is to eliminate the “bad” parts of moving projects, and make the experience rewarding, rather than exhausting. As one client recently said, “Moving with a service like Caring Transitions® is similar to turning over a complex tax return to a qualified accountant, rather than attempting to get it right by yourself!”

Make it a “Good” Move

With over a decade of experience in the marketplace, and thousands of relocations to our name, Caring Transitions® understands what it takes to help reduce the stress during a move to a smaller home. The 10 characteristics below help to separate a “good” move project from a “bad” one.

1.       There is time to plan and organize the move

2.       Consumers are able to review their possessions and determine the value of items, whether that value is personal or sentimental

3.       Based on value, each item is sold, donated, gifted, thrown away, or safely packed to be moved to the new space

4.       The sale of items helps offset the cost of moving, when possible

5.       Furnishings and packed items are efficiently moved by qualified, reliable, professionals

6.       As boxes and furnishings arrive in the new home, items are unpacked, and placed in the home according to plan, with personal comfort and safety in mind

7.       Empty boxes, packing paper and other moving supplies are removed quickly and efficiently

8.       Everything fits comfortably into the new space

9.       Moving day runs smoothly, with minimal glitches and good communication

10.   Customers can settle comfortably into their new space within hours of arrival

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By Nan Hayes for Caring Transitions®

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